A Professional Organization for Pediatricians of the Miami valley region

Western Ohio Pediatric Society Membership

The Western Ohio Pediatric Society is an organization dedicated to the advancement of Pediatric medicine in the region of the Miami Valley of Ohio. The goal is to enhance the care of children with emphasis on the children of the Miami Valley.

Alter, Sherman MD                  Office Web Site                       www.childrensdayton.org


Albrecht, Ilona MD                  Office Web Site:                      www.childrensdayton.org

Physician Members

Associate Members

Carroll, Jessica RN CPNP                                      Office Web Site;      www.ohiopediatrics.com

Goodfellow, Jessica RN CPNP                             Office Web Site ;     www.ohiopediatrics.com

King, Linda RN CPNP                                            Office Web Site ;     www.ohiopediatrics.com

Rosencrans, Maryann RN CPNP                           Office Web Site;      www.ohiopediatrics.com

Officers and Board Members


         President - Sara Guerreo- Duby MD   www.childrensdayton.org

         Vice President – Graig Boreman MD  www.childrensdayton.org

         Treasurer - Greg Toussaint MD      www.childrensdayton.org 

        Past President- Sylvia Parks MD www.SouthDaytonPediatrics.com



Board Members

         Alter, Sherman MD                  www.childrensdayton.org

         James Bryant MD                      www.ohiopediatrics.com

         Susan Meyer RN               www.childrensdayton.org

         Mirkin, David MD                     www.childrensdayton.org

         Sorauf,Thomas MD                   www.SouthDaytonPediatrics.com



Blumberg, Wendy MD            Office Web Site:                      www.ohiopediatrics.com

Broxson, Emmett MD             Office Web Site;                      www.childrensdayton.org

Byers, Matthew MD                Office Web Site;                      www.ohiopediatrics.com

Johnson, Craig MD                Office Web Site;                      www.atriummedcenter.com

King, Melissa DO                    Office Web Site;                      www.childrensdayton.org

Christian, Jeffery MD             Office Web Site;                      www.childrensdayton.org

Dempsey, Patricia DO            Office Web Site;                      www.childrensdayton.org

DiLego, Roberta MD              Office Web Site;                      www.ohiopediatrics.com

Eberhart, Greg MD                  Office Web Site;                      www.cornerstonepediatrics.info

Fenning, Julie MD                   Office Web Site;                      www.ohiopediatrics.com

Fink, Robert MD                      Office Web Site;                      www.childrensdayton.org

Gresham, Paul MD                  Office Web Site;                      www.ohiopediatrics.com

Kardan, Azar MD                     Office Web Site;                      www.SouthDaytonPediatrics.com

Mergler, Kristin MD                Office Web Site;                      www.ohiopediatrics.com

Pascoe, Jack MD                    Office Web Site;                      www.cornerstonepediatrics.info

Pate, Kenton MD                     Office Web Site;                      www.atriummedcenter.com

Pipik, Mary MD                        Office Web Site;                      www.ohiopediatrics.com

Wolf, Stephen MD                   Office Web Site;                      www.childrensdayton.org

Williams, Suzanne M D          Office Web Site;                      www.SouthDaytonPediatrics.com

Zegarski, Thomas MD            Office Web Site;                      www.SouthDaytonPediatrics.com

Monk, Susan MD                     Office Web Site;                      na

Myers, Robert  DO                  Office Web Site;                      www.provmedgroup.com/pediatrics.html

Nanagas, Maria MD                Office Web Site;                      www.childrensdayton.org

Pasch, Bruce MD                    Office Web Site;                      www.phdmc.org/

Pickoff, Arthur MD                  Office Web Site;                      www.childrensdayton.org

Rick, James MD                      Office Web Site;                      www.childrensdayton.org     

Roer, David MD                       Office Web Site;                      www.pediatricassociatesofdayton.com

Sinha, Rajana MD                   Office Web Site;                      www.childrensdayton.org

Shephard, Julie MD               Office Web Site;                      www.ohiopediatrics.com

Sorauf, Thomas MD               Office Web Site;                      www.SouthDaytonPediatrics.com

Bryant, James  MD                  Office Web Site;                      www.ohiopediatrics.com

Miller, Marvin  MD                   Office Web Site;                      www.childrensdayton.org

Mirkin, David  MD                   Office Web Site;                      www.childrensdayton.org

Ziemnik, Lisa MD                 Office Web Site;               www.wilmingtonmedical.com/pediatric.html